Value Added

Wondering how a website can offer value added? Well let’s see if we can convince you …

We have made this website user friendly and educational to make you feel comfortable that you can make the right choice’s every time. We also want you to know if you need help pre or post sale we’re here to help, we live and die by our reputation and if you’re not happy we’re not happy.

Below is a list of what we consider value added attributes at your finger tips when you use this site

Customer Service

Our customer service levels are of the highest quality, we know however no one is ever going to admit to bad service, so we invite you to make a call / send an email / or ask a question via our blog to test our service levels. To ensure our customer service continues to be of the highest quality we constantly review our systems and incorporate new systems and methods as they become available, we also welcome any comments from you our customers. To us customer service is more than just offering great service; we think to enhance that service you need to include the following elements

Product knowledge

Our staff have been trained on every product we sell, so no matter what the question is, how big” or how small” or is it Part F compliant” or is it ERP 2015 compliant”, we have the answer.

Technical Knowledge

Part of our product training includes all technical aspects of the product, as an example if you need help deciding which fan you should use in your bathroom and your bedroom is next to the bathroom, you don’t want it to sound like the 9.30am train from Manchester to London has just traveled past your door when the fan is switched on. Our technical knowledge encompasses all areas of ventilation, from industry to commercial to domestic applications.

System Design Help

We are asked everyday to offer help with design. Whatever your system or application, we are pleased to offer help and advice, so if you’re not comfortable making the choice let us make the right choice on your behalf, safe in the knowledge it’s the right choice for you

Help with Wiring

Fan not working or not sure how it should be wired, every manufacturer does it differently, and luckily over the years we’ve wired every product we sell, over the telephone with the customer or an electrician at the other end. We continue to help until we get confirmation that the problem has been resolved

After sales

We take great pride in our after sales service as well as pre sales service, if you have a problem, any problem, we will work with you until it’s resolved. We have our own service engineers, which give us access to the whole of the mainland UK, and if we can’t remedy the issue over the phone or via email, we will send our engineer**, with a replacement or spare parts to ensure the problem can be resolved. If at anytime the product develops a problem, for example a noise you’ve never heard before, or you switch it on and nothing happens, give us a call and we’ll try and pin point the cause over the phone, even if the product is out of its warranty period.

** In the event an engineer’s visit is required / requested a deposit / payment will be paid to cover the cost of the visit and any spares which may be required. If the fault is found to be covered by the manufacturers warranties a full refund will be issued, in the event the fault is found not to be covered by manufacturers warranties a full engineers / manufacturers report will be issued giving a full and concise explanation of the reasons for rejection.

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