Flakt Woods 100mm diameter x 900mm Long Circular Silencer BDER-30 – 010-090

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Flakt Woods 100mm diameter x 900mm Long Circular Silencer BDER-30-010-090

The effective and economic solution for sound attenuation in circular duct systems. 

100mm diameter x 900mm long duct mounted extractor fan silencer. Can be used with manufacturer of fan with spigots to mount inline with ducting.

The addition of this silencer to a system will act in the same way a silencer does on a car, so if you’ve ever heard a car with no silencer fitted, this gives you an idea of the impact a silencer can have on a system.

Please Note — for a straight through silencer to work to have the maximum impact on a system, a silencer should be fixed either side of the fan, this will give 3 benefits to the overall noise level of the system.

1. System side (usually the noise level inside a building) noise level is reduced

2. Atmospheric side (usually the noise level outside a building) noise level is reduced

3. The breakout from the fan is reduced, this could be a big factor depending where the fan is fitted, such as a false ceiling in a class room or office area. 

We offer Fast Clamps to connect the fan spigot and silencer spigot together, please see our FC range for prices. 

Available sizes 100mm — 500mm 

*Noise is a complicated medium to get right, if in doubt or you have specific target levels to achieve, please contact us via any means you feel comfortable with and we’ll find a solution to your problem

Spigot Diameter: 100mm

Silencer Length: 900mm (excluding spigots)

Exact match for fans with 100mm diameter spigots

Pressure losses are no higher than those that are generated by a comparable section of straight ducting.

Ideal for Cross Talk Elimination (stops noise travelling though ventilation systems from room to room)

Suitable to use with Flexible or Spiral Ducting

Constructed from Sheet steel with internal tubular liner enclosed by a thick layer of mineral wool sound absorbing material

Flakt Woods 100mm diameter x 900mm Long Circular Silencer BDER-30-010-090
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