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Woods 1.6 Speed Controller Fuse

Can you please tell me what causes the fuse in the speed controller to blow? We had the Flaktwoods extractor fan and speed controller replaced last year. Is the right fuse being used a F 10A500V? Could you please tell me the right fuse we should be using? Thanks. ... more


VENT AXIA TX12WL T‑SERIES - Suitable for Kitchen Ceiling?

Hello. I am looking for a powerful extractor fan for my kitchen at home. I was looking at the VENT AXIA TX12WL T‑SERIES WALL MOUNTED EXTRACT/​INTAKE FAN W164510. My question is would this be suitable to install into the kitchen cei ... more


GBD560/4 Helios 3ph Gigabox - Which controller?

Hi. Can you recommend a controller for GBD560/4 Helios 3ph Gigabox centrigugal fan – SKU gbd560/​4? Thanks ... more


CDA straight through silencer measurements

Hi. Are the measurements of the diameter internal or external? Many thanks.... more


Wood EQ511467 Fan Noise

I installed a Wood EQ511467 model fan to my commercial kitchen 8 to 10 months ago. But now getting complaints from my neighbours about the sound. Could we do anything to reduce the sound level? ... more


Wiring Diagram Speed Controller ME1.12

I have Estoc675514 and Series 3000 Starter and I want to know if I can use an Speed Controller Me1.12? I bought one but I don’t know how to fit, because the wiring diagram isn’t matching with the wiring diagram for fan. Is it wrong to choose the Me1.12 for my Exhaust Fan ... more

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